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Customized Libby Glass

Customized Libby Glass

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The images showcase a collection of Libby glasses, each adorned with unique DTF (Direct to Film) designs, offering a personalized touch to this drinkware:

1. **Prayerful Woman Design: This glass features a vibrant, colorful design of a Black woman in prayer, surrounded by a floral pattern. The design includes the phrase "with God all things are possible" in elegant, cursive typography, emphasizing a message of faith and possibility.

2. **Stylish Woman Sitting Design: Another glass displays an image of a stylish Black woman sitting on a chair, dressed in a colorful, modern outfit. This design is paired with the phrase "my plans will prosper and not harm me," promoting a message of positivity and future success.

3. **Pittsburgh Steelers Design: This glass is dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers, featuring the team's logo prominently. It's designed for sports fans who want to show their team spirit while enjoying a drink.

4. **Workout Affirmations Design:  Perfect for fitness enthusiasts, this pink glass is covered with motivational workout affirmations like "I am strong," "I create healthy habits," and "I am unstoppable." The colorful and playful design supports a positive mindset during fitness routines.

Each glass comes with a lid and a straw, enhancing functionality and making them ideal for various beverages, from morning smoothies to iced coffee. These designs not only personalize the glassware but also serve as daily inspirations or expressions of personal interests.

* Hand wash only. Don’t place in microwave or dishwasher. 

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